Become a Volunteer

Are you ready to become a Miler?  Great!  We are partnered with three convenient shelter locations that you can run from in Center City Philadelphia!   Volunteering at our partner shelters is at the core of what we do.  We have over 400 “Milers” who take dogs out for regular runs.  This not only helps with the dog’s demeanor and wellbeing while in the shelter, but it also allows the dogs to meet lots of people in the neighborhoods surrounding the shelters (and hopefully they’ll meet an adopter).  Our runners are rescue advocates!

Milers on a Group Run at the PAWS Wellness Clinic in Grays Ferry…

How often are you available to volunteer?  We ask that ONLY runners who can commit at least one run every two weeks go through orientation at this time.  We have a lot of runners who can commit, and we have to give them priority.   If your schedule doesn’t allow you to make that kind of commitment at this time, but you still want to help out, let us know – we may be able to utilize you in other ways.  Remember, all runners must go on a “Group Run” before signing up for orientation, so that is a great place to start!   (Check Group Run Schedule or see dates below.)

Important:  There are three shelter locations – Old City (PAWS), Grays Ferry (PAWS) and Northern Liberties (STAR).   You must go through the specific shelter’s Group Run & orientation in order to run at that location.  (i.e. an Old City orientation would not clear you to run at Grays Ferry.  The three facilities have different procedures, routes and guidelines, and thus, different orientations.)  So make sure you pick your shelter wisely.  (Most volunteers chose the shelter closest to their home, school or work!)


The Route to Becoming a Monster Miler:
1.  Figure out what shelter you want to volunteer at… (Remember:  Each shelter has different procedures and regulations.  Orientations at the (Old City) PAWS Adoption Center will not clear you to run at the (Northern Liberties) STAR shelter and visa versa.  Be sure to determine which shelter you want to run at before starting the process.)
2.  Sign up for a Group Run at your chosen shelter location via our Facebook Events Page.  If you don’t have FB, please see dates below.
3.  Go on a group run (that’s the fun part!).  Remember, Group Runs are just the first step!
5.  If you enjoyed the experience of the Group Run, you are then cleared to sign up for orientation.  After you have completed the mandatory Group Run you will be emailed a link to sign up for orientation.

6.  Sign up for orientation.  Once you have completed orientation, you are a Miler!


Remember: All Milers must first go on a “Group Run” with one of our Shelter Liaisons BEFORE signing up for an orientation.  Our Group Run schedule is posted on our Facebook Events Page and below.   Group Runs give interested runners a taste of what volunteering is like at the shelter.  You’ll go out with experienced Milers and will be able to ask questions and determine if this is something you’d like to do prior to formal orientation.  Please sign up for the Group Run at the shelter you’d like to volunteer at.

Street Tails Animal Rescue Group Runs:

June 17 & July 15th – at 6:15PM.  (RSVP on Facebook if you can!)

PAWS Old City Group Runs:

PAWS OLD CITY is at capacity for runners!   (Too much of a good thing.)  Orientations will likely resume in late 2015 or early 2016.   Until then, feel free to become a volunteer at PAWS Grays Ferry or Street Tails in Northern Liberties!

PAWS Grays Ferry Group Runs:

May 9, June 13, July 11, August 8, Sept 12, Oct 10, Nov 14, Dec 12 – at 12PM.  (RSVP on Facebook if you can!)



October 3, 2015

The Navy Yard

Both 2013 and 2014 were sell out events.  Be sure to get in now to secure your bib.   It’s Philly’s only race to benefit dog rescue!  Over 10 rescues will be at the race showcasing adoptable pups and networking with runners to save lives.   Want to run a race that counts for more than just miles?   You can form teams, fundraise and win awesome prizes!   Register here!